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Watching… Downton Abbey for the second time through because getting my heart ripped out once wasn’t enough, I suppose.  But seriously, it is SUCH a good show and I’m loving it even more this time around. I’m through Season 1 and I’m picking up so many details that I missed the first time (since I was probably editing and half watching) and ahhhh it’s just so good. (Netflix has Season 1 and 2 if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to start now.) 

Eating… Jazz apples like it’s my job. My first trip to Seattle was the start of this love affair. I’m used to farmer’s markets living in Lancaster but the Pike’s Place Market is different. The Seattle vendors seriously promote their fruit and actively hand out samples. (Lancaster has great produce but it seems they market more of their sweets, i.e. whoopie pies and bacon-chocolate-glazed donuts. EK!) So anyway, it was one thin slice of apple and I was hooked. I bought four and saved them like little gems, eating them only when the moment was exactly right. Then, back home, I went to Giant (our grocery store) and THEY HAD JAZZ APPLES! Now I can’t stop.

Reading I finished Heaven is for Realcover to cover, while flying back from my second trip to Seattle. I had a window seat in an outlet aisle which is like travel gold, so I intended to read a couple chapters and then take advantage of the outlet and edit. All it took was the introduction and I became the crazy lady reading a book while tears streamed down my face. Being up in the air, among the clouds, was the best way to read this book and I took advantage of that and spent the four hour flight fully enamored. Read this book! (I have a copy if anyone would like it, email me and it’s yours!)

MissingLUKE! He’s currently “vacationing” in snowy Upstate NY and it’s been almost a month since I’ve seen his cute face. With my trip to Seattle and a couple weddings there wasn’t an ideal time for him to come back home, so I’m picking him up over Easter. He will be smothered in kisses for sure. And I might even put the lamb/ram costume on him for fun. Watch out Luke!

Dreaming… Of spring… which is today, right?! To bring spring inside, I bought a miniature orchid that is currently right next to my computer. I needed it.

Thankful for…my life. Waking up when I want to, going to yoga, coffee shops with friends, meeting new babies and photographing lots of moms. My winter season, which I was expecting to be slow, was actually very busy and fun. I’m looking forward to an exciting wedding season with my first 2013 wedding this weekend near NYC!

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