Nov 3 – Best $5 I ever spent

So today was a crazy day filled with stress, and broken URL links, and then more stress. I was worried that finding something to be thankful was going to be a challenge. So I went shopping over lunch. ;-) And I was looking through the leftover halloween costumes and found a small sheep costume for $2.50 – perfect for Gizmo (my friend and coworker’s dog) and then after more searching I found the same costume in a medium for Luke. IT WAS MEANT TO BE! I might have giggled the entire way to the checkout just thinking about how hilarious this was going to be. And as you can see, it was. 

Kate didn’t get back to the office until later but as soon as I heard her walk through the door I witnessed both “rams” happily greet her from two different directions. Kate lost it. She was laughing so hard she was crying, she couldn’t breathe and she ended up on the floor she was laughing so hard. It was the funniest thing to watch. And it made me very thankful. Thankful for laughing, thankful for Kate laughing (I think we might have exactly the same sense of humor) and thankful that they make hilarious dog costumes.

Now I’m not so sure Luke was quite so thankful. ;-)   

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