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Mother’s day Session – 1st of 20!

There are 20 days until Mother’s day so I thought it would be fun to blog a different Mother’s day session each day. Here’s one that was that was completely adorable but so so so cold. We were only able to be outside for 10 minutes. Thanks Amber and boys for braving the cold!


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Monday Mix Vol. 21


Happy Easter! Here’s some encouragement!

Plated Review: It was fun to have all of the ingredients ready and pre-measured. I didn’t love the first meal but I learned how to “cook” rice noodles. The second meal was better. Overall, I learned cooking techniques while drinking wine so that works.

I don’t have a fancy water-in-the-door fridge so I had a Brita. But I never loved it. I found this Camelbak version at Target and it’s amazing. It’s so much faster and I like the design. Sometimes it’s the simplest changes that make life better.

Congrats to Walk in Love for winning Tee Madness!

Tellus360 is bringing back yoga on the roof April 26th.

Brides – here are some simple bridesmaid dresses.

9 Free (of cheap) Ways to Have Fun While You Travel

This week: I’m visiting family for Easter and traveling the rest of this week. I’m excited! I visiting a very special baby and have an engagement session in NYC. So far I’ve had sessions in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Syracuse, Lancaster (of course) and I’m excited to add my favorite city to that list! But today (despite the beautiful Syracuse weather) I’m catching up on email (I’m so far behind…) and maybe find a park for Luke to run and play. Man, I love spring.





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Newborn Baby Isaac and Family! Lancaster, PA Family Photographer

Newborn Isaac is just so adorable! Jess, his mom, and I have been friends since college so I know first hand there were many dramatic and stressful moments for her during this pregnancy. Thankfully, he was born perfectly healthy and I’m so happy I was able to capture this miracle baby and his family.




If you made it to the end of this post I’m glad because I have a precious story to share about Miss Olivia (above!) Yesterday I went over to her house and we had a (windy!) picnic. It was so nice to catch up with Jess and hold baby Isaac (his cheeks kill me!) Then last night I got a call from Jess saying Olivia wanted to say goodnight and sing to me. She wanted to sing the song “Jesus loves me” but as she explained to her Mom, “no, we need to sing Jesus loves her mommy, Jesus loves Kylene.” So that’s what they sang to me over the phone last night as my heart melted and my eyes filled with thankful tears.

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Monday Mix Vol. 20


I tried to recreate the Chipotle burrito bowl and used this recipe for the rice and beans.

Sure Maddie is pretty talented, but Luke can stand on things, too. (Like a wide bench…)

Two women, living in different countries but with the same name created a beautiful photo blog.

This makes me want a camper.

A beautiful wedding cake and topper.

If you feel like you’re getting sick make this soup to heal yourself with loads of garlic. You’ll smell for days.

This week – Editing family sessions and the two engagement sessions from this weekend – one in Baltimore and another in Lancaster! Both went really well and made me love being outside in the beautiful weather. I even saw cherry and magnolia blossoms, so spring is real now. The blood moon is tonight. Ek.

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