Behind the Scenes of Jasmine Star’s Restart!

Wow, what an experience! I’ve been lucky enough to be in the audience for both The David Letterman Show and Conan. And Restart was, clearly, my most favorite “studio audience” experience. It was so funny seeing how excited everyone else was as well. The smiling was contagious.

Jasmine is just as sweet and kind as can be. She’s the most down to earth person but to me, she’s better than a celebrity. So, I’ll admit, talking to her was a little surreal. Like, words are coming out of my mouth but my head is thinking “Remember this moment, remember this moment!!” Ha. She’s just so nice, in fact during our conversation someone interrupted us (she was in a room with 30 photographer who adore her, so as someone correctly pointed out, she was basically the bachelor and we were all “just stealing her away for a second” ) but she came right back to me, and said “So sorry, I want to hear all about this wedding you might book” :-)

The class materials were so helpful, too. I mean, yes I got to meet Jasmine, but we also learned so much from her. Win win. One topic we went over was how to respond to emails to gather more information. The very next day I received two emails from brides and was able to test out the new method. (It worked!)

If you would like to learn more about Restart head over to CreativeLive and enroll! The Jan class is available for download. The next two classes are Feb 13th and March 6th. The audience will come back for the March show. Again, I’m thrilled.

After the class we had a mixer and here are some images from my “good” camera. (images above are all iphone, edited with vsco cam and arranged by diptic)

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