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This was one of those sessions that makes me love my job/life. Marco’s mom found me online, we emailed a few times, and setup a time for the session. I arrived at their house, rang the door bell and was immediately welcomed with a big hug and a very smiley Marco. And this is my job. Sometimes, I actually want to pinch myself because it’s so fun. I am extremely thankful, to say the least.

I thought I would comment on a few of the photos below to add a little background on what we did during the session. Hope you enjoy! If you’re interested in setting up a family session, just email me.

I love seeing nurseries and how they are decorated. Marco’s mom made the artwork above his crib. Very crafty lady!

Getting bundled up with boots. I consider all parts of a session fair game for photos. It’s a slice of real life, eating Winnie the Pooh and all. ;-)

Marco was holding on to dad’s hair and, well, it kinda hurt.

Marco’s mom commented that this photo looked like it was taken in the 70’s – I see it! Her hair is a little Farah Fawcett like.

Whenever I need to smile I look at this photo. It cracks me up.

Want to know who Marco was smiling at?

It was dad! Being silly to get a laugh.

At this point, books are more fun to eat.

Marco’s mom wanted to celebrate her birthday during the session so she got a cake. I love this idea! She wanted a photo of the family together with the cake.

Then Marco was given free rein to destroy the cake. A little practice for his 1st birthday.

Covered in cake and frosting means a bath is in order.

Then mom rocked him to sleep and we were done with the session!

Thank you for such a fun session!

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