Thankful November – Fun Friends

I think thankfulness is a key to living a better life. Most (okay many..or some) days being thankful is easy, the sun is shining, you feel happy and blessed. But it’s the bad days that being thankful takes serious intention. So for November I decided to record what I’m thankful for, here. Hopefully in the process it opens my eyes to all the little and big things in life that I might have overlooked or taken for granted.    

November 1st is here. This past weekend I went with friends to NYC. It was Saturday, the day we got SNOW. Being cold and walking around NYC is a bad, bad, bad mix. Even so, we made the best of it and had an impromptu photo shoot (while someone held an umbrella over my head, to protect my hair camera)

Today I am thankful for my friends: the way they laugh, their creativity and overall fun-loving nature. I’m blessed to have them.   

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