Monday Mix Vol 5.


– No flour or butter in these peanut butter cookies. I’m trying them this week.

– The season finale of The Voice is tonight and while I’ll definitely watch, I’m bummed James and Matthew aren’t in the final three. I think James’ last performance was really good but all of the stage props were distracting. My 2 cents.

– My name is Kylene and I’m addicted to buying ebooks on Amazon. This weeks it’s My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock (it’s $1.99!) and while I’m just one chapter in, the writing is great. If you’re looking for inspiration and like Jesus Calling, I just bought Dear Jesus ($2.99) also.

– Sandy Hook – “The only way goodness can be in us is if we choose it.”  Evil did not win (watch with tissues nearby)

– Last week I went to a very long awaited baby shower. If you’re having infertility issues, take heart. Nicole, my dear friend and roommate from college, and her husband have struggled for over 7 years. But their faith was strong and they knew God would provide. And lo and behold, baby Kelly is scheduled to arrive on Valentine’s day. :-) Miracles do happen!!


– It’s still not too late to order a gift certificate for a 2014 photo session. Email kylenelynn@gmail for details. It’s the best gift (in my opinion!)

This week-  I’m caught up! I have no more photos to edit. I never thought this day would come! So I’m tackling a Christmas project and finishing up shopping. Plus, hopefully making this cowl scarf.  And dressing Luke up (see photo above!) because it makes me laugh.

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