Monday Mix Vol. 12


The last two Syracuse games have been insane. Watching this happen was pretty amazing. Miracles can come at the very last second. Good lesson, basketball.

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3191 Miles Apart (I need a photo project like this.)

I found this simple post strangely romantic . It had little to do with the content and everything to do with how well it was written.

Looking for Alaska by John Green is getting me excited about reading again. I’ve had a few books that didn’t pan out (they were either very dull or too strange, ironically) and I was entering into the danger zone where pressing the remote on button seemed more entertaining.

This week – Back to my normal routine (eventually, if the weather would cooperate) which includes getting contracts out, going to yoga, walking to market (and being thankful it exists, I missed it) trying to do more art projects (like watercolor, perhaps) and finding volunteer opportunities. Know of any for a group of 10 people? Several friends admitted they searched, just as I had, without any luck. It shouldn’t be this hard to volunteer in Lancaster, right?

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