Missy & Neil – Married!

Missy & Neil’s Wedding Day Highlights:

When I first met with Missy and Neil to go over their wedding day, I could tell they were super giddy about each other. They even admitted it was love at first sight for both of them. So I wasn’t surprised on their wedding day when they first saw each other, how excited they were – I loved Neil’s face – so sweet!

Missy is an amazing graphic designer, so she designed all of the signage, the wedding invitations, and the programs. The whole look of the wedding was so bright and fun and the special touches, like the signature cocktail, made the day very unique.

Neil is a musician, so not only did he play a special song for his bride (which definitely made me tear up) but they used a yellow guitar as their guest book – very cool!

During the ceremony, Eve, Neil’s daughter, joined the couple for a tree watering ceremony. She was also given a special necklace with three hearts on it and she was very excited to show it off.

Whenever I’m doing the bride and groom photos, I ask them if there is anything they would like to do, anything special, etc. Well as soon as I said that Neil said “the meatball kiss!!” Ha, that was a first for me! You’ll have to check it out below. ; )

Missy and Neil – your love is so inspiring and fun! Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful wedding day!

Kylene Lynn Photography

Kylene Lynn Photography

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