Father’s Day

When I agreed to be a photographer for the Lancaster Newspaper Mother’s/Father’s day promotion I didn’t know what to expect. (This was my first year!) So I was really pleased when I had 28 Mother’s day photos and I was hoping for 30 for Father’s day.

Oh wishful thinking! Instead there were four! FOUR! Oh dads…

But there’s more. Of the four, three of them were setup by the mom. And a few other moms call and when I explained that I wasn’t able to come to their home but was doing the sessions at a park (translation: effort would be required by the dad and mom couldn’t “force” him to get his picture taken) and I didn’t hear back from them. Again, oh dads…

But there was one. He called, he set it up, he spent time getting memories made with his son, and now he gets his own blog post. :-)

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