Eloise 6 month photos – Kylene Lynn Photography

I love photographing babies! I first met Eloise for her 3 month photos so I was excited when her parents wanted me to come back for 6 month photos (and 9 months is next!) When I first arrived to photograph Eloise she was still sound asleep. Being the dog lover that I am, my attention shifted to Lana, the family chihuahua. Boy she is a feisty one! Luckily I was able to capture a few of her not wanting to attack me. ;-) Soon after that Eloise woke up and we were ready for photos!

Eloise has the cutest outfits EVER. Her mom has great taste and there was a vintage theme with all of the outfits – even the bathing suit!  Now Eloise is the calmest baby ever, she’s happy and nothing really upsets her but she’ll make you WORK for a smile. It’s hilarious how many different toys and funny noises we tried and still got a serious face! We were able to capture a few smiles when she was splashing around in her little pool. Her sunglasses and bath suit combo are too adorable. She’s one stylish baby!

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