Christina & Ted – July 14, 2012 – Kylene Lynn Wedding Photography

Christina and Ted’s Wedding Highlights:

– Christina is such a sweet person and she made a beautiful bride. I loved the detailing on her dress and her hair piece – so pretty. Ted’s pretty cool, too. He even went paintballing hours before the wedding – pretty daring!

– During the ceremony, after the candle lighting there is usually music played and the couple just stands there and stares at each other (and that can be awkward, right?) Well, the Pastor made them a bet saying that if they danced instead he would give them a candy bar – they danced! It was cute.

– There was a bagpipe recessional! I love bagpipes.

– Christina and her dad had the best father daughter dance. It started with him putting a tiara on her and then they danced to the Sleeping Beauty Waltz. Very animated and so fun!

– I think Christina’s brother Dave should get some award for a very creative and funny message on their wedding frame – you’ll see. ;-)

Ted and Christina – thank you for being so fun! Your wedding was beautiful!

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