Week in the life: Tuesday


Woke up around 6am, Luke is resting on the end of the bed surrounded by pillows. He has a hard life, he suffers through it. 


Shower, get ready, and then venture out for a walk. I love love love walking in the city. 


Breakfast of eggs and toast. I don’t have a real table yet so my “coffee table” of stacked luggage works well for now. See my new rug. It makes me happy.  


Early morning work event finds my coworker, Kate, in rare form. Nice to see you, too! 


Back to the office to work, work, work!! 

how to make a gif

Luke came to work today and hung out with Gizmo (Kate’s dog) they have quite a bromance


Large clock in my office…work day is almost over. 


This is about the time Gizmo leaves and Luke gets bored. But isn’t he so cute! 


Back at home and a package came with bubble wrap! It’s 30 of my favorite photos that I ordered in 8×8 – I need to figure out a good way to display them. 


Finally the pretty (but uncomfortable) heels can come off! 


Dinner prep = finally using my heirloom tomato from market. It’s so pretty I don’t want to eat it.  


But I do! With a burger and pasta salad. It looks good but tasted even better.

The rest of the evening was spend reading (Odd Thomas) and then going to bed super early – like 9pm.

It was amazing. 

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