Week in the Life: Thursday


Woke up at 6am – Luke was still sleepy.


Breakfast = Omelet with spinach and a little cheese and toast. 


While I get ready, Luke waits on the bed. I decide he can go to work with me and tell him – he definitely knows what “go to work” means and gets excited. 


At work. I set the self-timer to get this shot and it doesn’t really work but I like it. 


Go home over lunch to eat, try to pack and then sync my now broken iphone. I take luke for a walk in the park and i’m asked three times if I’d like free pizza by a youth group. One kid even ran over to ask me. I decline free pizza and hope they asked the homeless man that lives in the park. 


Finally mail some moving postcards, thank you notes and my last DVD from Netflix (I cancelled that service) – I love getting mail so I’m trying to get better at sending more fun mail. 


Leave work and it’s raining. Head over to the mall to fix my phone. I’m secretly hoping they will feel very sorry for me and just give me a new phone. Delusional I know. 

Arrive at (lowercase) at&t with my new broken iphone 4 and my old unbroken (but slow and lame) iphone 3g. Hoping magic can happen and I’ll leave with a working phone. 


It works! And it was free. Now I’m super interested in the iphone 5. Talk to my friend Colleen and discuss how ridiculous this “crisis” was – totally a first world problem. In her best valley girl voice Colleen mocks – “My new iphone broke so now I have to use my super old iphone, life sucks!” ;-) I agree, it’s silly! 


SInce I’m already at the mall and the iphone fix was free, I justify shopping. 


Then a little more shopping. 


Back home for sushi, packing and then bed! 

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