Week in the Life: Saturday

Breakfast part 1 at Northside Social. There were so many cute families there. I wish I could photograph all the little moments during a family’s Saturday breakfast – the 2 year old with her chubby cheeks blowing bubbles into her milk and the little boy raising his plate up to eat all his muffin crumbs and getting them all over the table instead – real life is fun!   

On the way to breakfast part 2 and we found a farmer’s market.

I love blackberries. 

I don’t love this sign. Boo. 

I love peaches. 

And I love this wardrobe. LOVE. But it was in DC and I’m not and logistically I just couldn’t wrap my brain around getting it from point a to point b without it breaking or me stressing out. So it’s still in DC and I still need a wardrobe.  

Next up was Wicked! I’ve never been to the Kennedy Center before and I’ve never seen Wicked so that’s two things to cross off my list. 

We (my sister and I) arrived early so we went outside for a few quick pictures. 

This is how my brain works – as soon as I saw this I thought how amazing it would be for an engagement shoot. 

The inside was impressive with grand lights and this sculpture.  

After Wicked (which was very fun) we went on a cupcake mission in Georgetown. The first (and my favorite) stop was Baked and Wired. 

It has an indie rocker vibe to the whole place and the cupcake flavors were very unique and delicious. 

I got German Chocolate Cake and I was in chocolate-coconut-cupcake heaven.

Next up was Sprinkles. The flavors weren’t as crazy here so I got a (typical) black + white. I had it for breakfast the next day. Vision of health! We went by Georgetown Cupcake but kept on going because the line was at least an hour long. For a cupcake?!? Then we walked from Georgetown to Clarendon and I had on the stupidest sandals ever. I was ready to never walk again.  

But for dinner, I was willing. We went to Founding Farmers. I loved it. And ironically it’s more Lancaster than DC but way more posh since it’s in DC. 


Our meal = Fried Green Tomatoes, I got chicken pot pie and my sister got chicken and waffles. Ha. There was even grilled cheese and tomato soup on the menu. The food was so so so good. I actually screamed in my car (sad but true) when I realized on my way home to Lancaster that I had left my leftovers in DC. It was that good.

Fun weekend!!  

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