Week in the Life: Friday

Woke up at 7:00am to get ready for my trip to DC! 

Cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes and crash-boom-bang a wine glass fell and shattered. This is now a recurring theme this week. Hopefully it’s over. 

Breakfast of peanut butter toast, mainly because it’s quick. 

Then it was time to pack. This is everything for a 2 night trip. 2 nights = 5 bags and a dog. I am an over-packer, I know.  

I’ve arrived in DC! The plan for the afternoon was to accomplish three things. 

1. Get a Lobster Roll for lunch. 

2. Go to the Corcoran Museum. 

3. Take pictures (a given on any day, really) 

Success in finding the Lobster Truck! It moves around so you have to follow their twitter feed to know the exact location. Kinda tricky.

Amazing! Lots of lobster. But truth be told, I was still hungry (it was kinda small). Which was fine though because I was preparing myself for dinner. You’ll see. 

Found the Corcoran!

Saw art I liked and would want to “recreate”. Like this. 

And this. It’s lines of paint. 

Then there’s art like this. I don’t understand. Please explain. 

The Chris Martin exhibit was called Painting Big. It was the only exhibit (besides the photos) that you couldn’t photograph. This one was in the lobby which was fair game. 

After the museum, I walked around. It was 101 out. (Bad idea)  

This is the current state of the reflecting pool. 

It was about this point, at the Washington Monument, I almost had a meltdown. Walking too much, in the heat, blah. I was over it. I would have given anything for a car and a driver and air conditioning. Instead I walked and walked and finally arrived at the metro.  

Dinner! Fogo De Chao – a Brazilian Steakhouse aka endless meat. 

First you start out with the salad bar – looks pretty healthy, right? Not for long. 

The meat! Green card = Yay meat! Red card = stop bringing me meat. 

More meat – there are 15 different kinds. By the end I was sick of meat. 

Definitely ready for dessert. Thankfully I went with a group of my sister’s friends and 3 of them were having birthdays so that meant free dessert! 

This was our check. Yikes. Insane. Crazy. Biggest food check I’ve ever seen. It was fun, but I can check it off my list of things to do now. It’s hard not to feel completely wasteful if you don’t eat enough, so then you eat more, and then you want to die.  

But instead of doing that we out for a drink after and burned 20 calories by playing skee ball. Fun day in DC!  

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