Philadelphia Engagement Photography – Chelsea + Michael

This engagement session has a funny story. I’ll get to it soon. But first we started in West Philadelphia (born and raised! sorry I had to) where there are so many fun murals. (FYI there is even a mural bus tour http://www.muralarts.org) Chelsea had scooped out the ones she wanted to use and they were perfect. I love words.

Then we went to back to their apartment for a quick outfit change and to get their dog, Tucker, for a few photos. Now the funny part, it was when they tried to put Tucker back that we realized no one had keys and we were locked out! I had my extra camera and train ticket in their apartment so, while we continued the engagement session, we also called many lazy/indifferent locksmiths! If you ever want to start a business become a locksmith in Philly that 1. answers the phone 2. comes in 20 minutes – really, that simple and you will make lots of money.

I joked that this session was like a new type therapy because they had to forget about their problem and hug and kiss instead! :-) And, best of all, we waited for the locksmith at the bar drinking beer. It made for a good story!


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