My St. Patty’s Day Green Drink

So I finally bought a juicer. Then, the next day, I was looking through my latest issue of Rachael Ray’s Everyday Magazine and she recommended the one I bought (as the affordable model) so that was reassuring. Now to actually start juicing. Well I’ll be honest the juicer sat untouched for weeks. I was intimidated and scared that the juice would taste horrible or I would, maybe even worst, love it and become a healthy person. I just quit my beloved diet coke two weeks ago. No need to go crazy here.

Cast of characters vs. Juicer – Looking at this photo makes me feel kinda sad for the veggies. They were doomed.

The results? Well I put the green juice in my special owl glass, reserved for special occasions only. This seemed worthy. So I was expecting the worst. I mean the recipe even said that some people call it “swamp in a glass!!” Oh boy. But to my surprise, it was good. Much lighter then I thought it would be. I’m thanking the cucumbers for that and the small carrot I sneaked in. OK and a few apple slices. (They said you could add fruit but only one piece to every three veggies.)

So yeah, it was no green beer but that’s how I celebrated my Irish heritage! 

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