My Emma Visit


Here’s 1 year old Emma! It was just a quick visit over Memorial Day weekend where I bought my camera to catch a few shots of her cuteness. I’ve photographed Emma when she was 2 weeks, and then when she was 3 months. Always so adorable but now her sassy personality is definitely shining through. ;-) 



She loved my iPhone. Besides eating it, she was using it to see herself and especially her buttons in the reflection. She’d look into it and then look down at her buttons and smile like she was impressed with her own style. She’s all girl, she loved my necklaces too. 



Then came pool time. The water was freezing but she didn’t care at all, it was all about splashing and then getting really excited about it. I love how babies clap to show they’re proud of themselves. Imagine if she did that as adults! 



These were the result of taking the iPhone or grass away from her, I forget which. Both she was hoping to eat. The meltdown was short, only a minute. For some reason I find crying cute!! I’m excited to see Emma next month when I’ll be photographing her whole family!  

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