My day with Bethany

It was around May of last year when my former coworker, Brenda, contacted me about photographing 2 year old Bethany. They had tried to do the studio portrait thing but Bethany wasn’t really a fan. She left in tears. As a different option, I went to her house, camera in hand, and followed her around. Here’s our fun time together.   

First thing- tea and cakes.


Would I like some? 

Time to run! 


Then we saw this…


Which lead to this…


Aren’t they so cute! 


Next up, a wardrobe change. You can tell Bethany is all girl, with a brother. ;-)


So we went on a walk.

Picked some flowers…

Then it was time to go inside and read a story.

Next up…snack time! 

Cuddles with her bear…

then it was back outside for bubbles! Uh, not really how it works. 

Much better! 

It was such a fun day! 

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