Monday Mix Vol 8.


Monday Mix: A mix-up of links, songs, recipes, instagram photos, and random thing that inspire me…

Bright and new! – This weekend I had a sudden rush of inspiration to update the look of my website. Just like my desk (above) I want everything in 2014 to be neat and organized and clean (even Luke!)

Mother’s Day! I’ve been getting emails about the schedule and I finally have a plan. See the post below and email to reserve your spot!

I’m planning to make these Quinoa Coconut Granola Bars this week. I’m definitely adding the chocolate because without it, they look like birdseed.

16 books to Read before they Hit Theaters – I’ve read 5 (#7 made me cry, cry, cry and #11 is hilarious) so I have some work to do! This list is actually missing one (strange, wonder why) Heaven is for Real is coming to theaters around Easter. :-)

Dreaming of warmer weather? See these grains of sand magnified 250x.

Looking for a unique gift for a new baby? These wooden toys are so beautiful.

This week – More organizing, updating and such. January is relaxing (June will not be) so I’m soaking it up while I can. Capturing a 1 year old’s birthday party this weekend so that will be very cute.

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