Monday Mix Vol. 36


Monday Mix: a bunch of stuff I like on the internet – enjoy!

Three new instagram accounts I found: @thedogist (the dog version of humans of ny, without the quotes) @chefjacqueslamerde (plating junk food like it’s gourmet) and @marniethedog (I must live under a rock because she has over a million followers. Look for ‘I’m a tortilla’ it makes me laugh every time.)

It’s time to grow things – like garlic! (it’s easy?!)

Or if you don’t want to grow anything, learn how to draw poppies

Simplify – It’s Not Just a Nice Idea

Make your engagement/family photos into wearable art

I just want to wear dresses all summer like this, and this, and this.

Spring makes me want to decorate and fill my walls with inspirational art and my phone/computer too!

Oh yeah so I’ve finally started an instagram account just for my business – follow me here!

Currently “reading” (aka listening to the audio version while editing)

DIY Plush Alphabet Letter = best homemade baby shower gift if you don’t know how to quilt

Fun mail (rare as it is) will always make me happy

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