Monday Mix Vol. 18


The quote above (which is very true this spring, especially in NY) is available here.

This dish soap smells amazing. It also comes in a bar.

I love podcasts. This new one from Jess Lively is always interesting.

I found this pet artist from the podcast above – I want one of Luke!

Homemade toothpaste recipe using coconut oil – I made it and yes, I’m becoming a hippy.

If you need a new series to binge watch I highly recommend Orphan Black. It’s available for free on Amazon Prime. It might even be on Comcast OnDemand this week only.

This week- Back to my life in Lancaster. And can I say, I really love Lancaster city. Sometimes it takes being away to appreciate it and now I do more than ever. I’m a 5 minute walk from market, yoga, shopping and restaurants. Now I’m  catching up on emails/editing (photos of newborn Isaac!) and hopefully appreciating the warmer weather and longer walks with Luke. After this rainy weekend, I love seeing the sunny blue sky.

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