Monday Mix Vol. 13


Jimmy Fallon + Justin Timerlake break down Michael Jackson Lyrics and are just hilarious together.

The Voice is on tonight!

A friend just sent me this article on photographing shelter dogs and the life-saving difference it makes. I’m definitely motivated to see if I can volunteer. My experience = photographing Luke, all the time. :-)

This level of book reading is inspiring and a great way to see what to read next.

Last year I just wanted to survive my first year as a full-time photographer (and with God’s help, I did!) This year I want to thrive. I created the photo using the FontCandy+ app. I love it!

Speaking of apps, I will proudly admit to never playing a single second of Candy Crush. But then I downloaded Flappy Birds. I don’t swear (okay, hardly ever) but that game makes me wish I did. I just found Threes and I think this will be a much better way to waste my time.

This week: This past weekend was filled with 7 Mother’s day sessions, an engagement session at Longwood Gardens, and a first birthday party. I have a very full week of editing ahead of me. And I’m excited about it. I wake up on Mondays (and every day, really) eager to start working and I’m extremely thankful for that. I wish I had the same enthusiasm for cooking dinner. Someday.

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