Meet Olivia Mae

Olivia is my friend Jessica’s little peanut. I’ve been friends with Jess since college so it’s so special to see her become such a wonderful mother. She looked forward to Olivia coming with such excitement and enjoyed her pregnancy like no other. Jess has a very thankful spirit and I love that about her.

I actually photographed Olivia here first, during their maternity shoot.

Jess + Matt

6 Weeks - Olivia

She was 6 weeks old here. I like this age because babies are a little more alert and aware of their surroundings. But they can still sleep quite soundly. ;-)

6 Weeks - Olivia

6 Weeks - Olivia


This was near the end of our shoot. Miss Olivia was such a good baby but she had enough. She was done. Having no more of it. So we called it a day.

Favorite Olivia Moment: I was talking to Jess about the different shots she wanted and she said she did have one in mind that she really wanted. I was happy to make anything she wanted work and expected to hear about shots with her and Olivia or something like that. I had to laugh when she started by saying “You know in ET when he’s hiding in all of the stuffed animals” Ha. It wasn’t exactly the first thing I thought she’d say but we are children of the 80’s, I should have known. So here it is! I think Olivia was a little confused about why all of her friends were surrounding her.


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