Lola + Eve and Family – Kylene Lynn Lancaster Family Photographer

This family session was really fun. Cuties Lola and Eve are actually from Oregon so their mom contacted me to setup a photo session while they were visiting their grandparents in Pennsylvania. (Great idea! And if you’re out of state, I  would happily travel for a session, so keep that in mind, too!)

Lola greeted me happily sharing the wooly caterpillar  she found and fell in love with, so much so, it was hard for her to put him down! She wanted me to take a photo of him, so I did. :-) The photos of the girls with their grandparents are pretty cute, I much prefer photos of family laughing together then just staring at my camera. Much more real and fun.

At the end of the session, the girl’s aunt and uncle brought out their hairless cat. Wow. I’ve never seen one in person and even though I love animals, I realized that animals with fur/hair hold a special place in my heart. (Luke has extreme amounts of hair!) This cat just looked so serious, and like I said on facebook, he reminded me of an old man or an alien even! (Don’t worry, I expressed these same thoughts during the session, in the nicest way possible.) Could you ever have a hairless cat?

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