Getting Organized

As a creative person staying organized isn’t always my cup of tea. (But I love tea so that expression doesn’t work. Not my cup of lima beans, maybe? ) Anyway, as my photography business continues to grow (and it is! thank you!) I decided that if I made organizing pretty/design-y then I would stick with it. I hope. I’m still on the search but here are a few items that I love and wanted to share. (If you have any organizing ideas/products – do tell!)

1. martha stewart document sleeve – from staples (perfect for contracts!) 2.extra large paper clip and silver binder clips – from walmart (i love paper accessories) 3. journals – bottom one from staples, top one was a gift 4. things to do sheet from a pair of (download here) 5. wedding workflow checklist – download here  (lists every step from first email to final blog post!) 6.smash washi tape from michaels 7. thank you note cards – from george stanley bought at marshalls

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