Family Life: My Uncle the Beekeeper

My uncle is one of those people who has many interesting hobbies and one of them is beekeeping. During my last visit home he had to tend to the hives, so my mom and cousin suited up while I documented the event.

But first, here’s a view of the barn my uncle built – impressive, right? (I think my aunt and uncle really could have lived in “Little House” times!) Ok, now on to the beekeeping!

First everyone had to get suited up. The “helmet” was a little big on my mom so she couldn’t really see. Oh well.

Cousin Meg gets the smoker started.

This photo cracks me up!

Opening the hive!

Look at all of those bees. Notice how my uncle doesn’t even wear gloves. Yikes.

Bees! Honey! How beautiful is that!

The entrance to the hive. They have to wait their turn to get inside.

While all of the beekeeping was happening, Zack was running around in the fields. This makes me miss summer already!

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