Emma + Abigail – Sisters!


A few weeks ago I spent the day with my oldest friend Tracy and her two daughters – newborn Abigail and 3 year old Emma. Emma is all personality and cracks me up like no other 3 year old can. Her favorite game to play is waitress and she loves to ask if you would like a diet coke with your order. (Oh would I, sigh…)

We played “nap time” and she piled blankets on me, asked if I wanted her jewelry box music on (um, yes) and if I wanted the door open “like this” (wide open) or “like this” (completely shut). Then I saw her one eyeball checking in the narrow door slit and seeing that I had sat up a little and was clearly not napping, she stormed into the room, hand on her hip, and said “What’s the matter here?! Do you want me to read you a book?” Then she read me a book. :-)

To capture Emma and Abigail’s cuteness together, we put them in bed for some photos. All Abby wants to do is sleep anyway so that worked out great for her. Emma was very excited to hold her sister and was very sweet with her. Enjoy!

I had to share this next one because it makes me smile. I might have told Emma to pretend she was sleeping. I think the slight smile might give it away. But Abby nailed it. :-)

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