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One of my earliest memories, I must have been three, was finding an orange kitten by the edge of our house. It was immediately taken to the SPCA and my little three year old heart was crushed.  (Why are the sad memories the ones we tend to hold on to? )

My dad always had a dog but it was mainly for hunting (although he rarely did) and usually smelled. I remember not really bonding with them and desperately wanting a kitten. But cats, and especially kittens, were not allowed.

Many years later, a kitten appeared in the far back corner of our yard. It was an adorable brown tiger and perfectly healthy. I felt like it came directly from God. I claimed it as my own and, because of God’s divine involvement, my parents hearts soften; he was mine to keep. The next day, an orange tiger kitten appeared. My sister’s prayers were answered, too.

This is all to say, I have a history with kittens. I love them.

So when the opportunity came for me to help out a nonprofit by photographing kittens, the answer was yes.

These three week old cuties will be ready for adopting in a little over a month. If they don’t make you smile, nothing will. Just look at their blue eyes! Those eyes will probably change color as they grow older, sadly. If you’re interested in adopting one, and live in the Syracuse area, check out the Facebook page – No Cat Left Behind.  I added an extra photo of Mama cat because she is also adoptable once the kittens are old enough. She is sweet and a very good mother. :-)

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